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With BAG electronics products you always take the decision for innovative technology, constantly high manufacturing standards - your guarantee for a long service life, maximum efficiency and functionality of the products used.

Quality you can always rely on. This is what we stand for with our brand. This reliability makes a difference for you in terms of high economic efficiency and operational safety. To best meet your expectations, we offer extended warranty periods - quite simply and without prior registration.


5-year warranty

The 5-year warranty applies to all products of BAG electronics GmbH with a calculated nominal service life as per data sheet ≥ 50.000 operating hours*.

Operation at tc = tc max and a failure rate of ≤ 10 %.

You receive this 5-year warranty for all BAG electronics products that due to a material, constructional or manufacturing error have verifiably failed within this warranty period. The warranty service commences with purchase of the product (date of delivery note) from BAG electronics and consists of a maximum of 66 months from the manufacturing date.

For LED modules, the warranty conditions refer exclusively to the total failure fraction (AFV abrupt failure fraction) outside the calculated rated life rated failure rate. Degradation effects of LEDs are physically determined and dependent on the use of the product and are not affected, taken into account or covered by this warranty.

You receive a 3-year warranty on all products of BAG electronics GmbH with a calculated nominal service life < 50.000 operating hours. The warranty period begins with the purchase of the product (date of the delivery note) from BAG electronics GmbH and amount to 42 months from the date of manufacture


Use of the products

Please note that the use, installation and commissioning of the products in accordance with the current state of the art as well as the use of light sources and components that comply with the currently valid IEC standards is a prerequisite. These include in particular:

  • The intended use of the products in accordance with the respective product and application specifications. You can find the technical information in the current data sheets on our homepage at (data sheet)
  • Modifications of the product that differ from delivery condition is not allowed
  • The specified temperature limits (tamax and tcmax), working and operating voltage ranges must not be exceeded or undershot.

Warranty conditions

Only you as a direct customer of BAG electronics GmbH are entitled to the warranty claim and it is not transferable. It applies only to the EU and is only granted once for the same product.

BAG electronics GmbH accepts a justified warranty claim. The decision is based on an analysis of causes of the faulty devices that you should return to BAG electronics GmbH for this purpose. Please obtain a corresponding return approval (RMA) for this purpose from the responsible persons in our sales offices. For more information about returns processing, please see:

In a recognised warranty claim, BAG electronics reserves the right to decide between free repair, free replacement or a credit for material. Due to the rapid advancement of LED technology, differences may occur between the characteristics of replacement supplies or subsequent deliveries as well as to products from the original supply. No warranty entitlements result from this. Subsequent costs such as disassembly and installation costs, travelling and equipping costs, shipping costs, other damage etc. are not covered by this warranty. BAG electronics reserves the right to invoice for testing, repair and shipping costs if the case is verifiably not a warranty case.

The warranty covers material, manufacturing and/or design defects only. Both hardware and software errors are considered design errors.

Excluded from the warranty are defects caused by improper use, incorrect programming, sabotage, insufficient maintenance and normal wear according to the nominal service life of the product. Also excluded from this warranty are products that have been opened or repaired and whose serial number has been damaged, altered or removed.

This warranty also excludes non-reproducible or occasional interaction and functional disturbances due to unresolved compatibility problems, unexpected program abortion or crashes of µ-controller-controlled operating devices.

Legislative warranty claims are not affected by this regulation and are valid independent of this.


5-years warranty
5-years warranty



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