Art. no.: 10122139
Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 23 [mm]

Sample image
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Technical data

Performance characteristics

  • Touchpanel with realtime clock for connection to the MixedWhite plus controller
  • Straight-forward programming of circadian realtime courses via smartphone app; the configuration is carried out via an integrated photo diode
  • Factory setting includes a standard set of parameters; these can be adjusted and reviewed at any time via the app
  • Touch-sensitive surface for intuitive operation, with the functions:
    • Switching (on / off)
    • Setting of colour temperature
    • Setting of luminous intensity
    • Activating / deactivating automatic mode
  • Operating mode:
    • Automatic mode
      The circadian light cycle is controlled in dependence on the time of day and the calculated position of the sun
    • Manual mode
      Brightness and colour temperature of the lighting can be adjusted via corresponding keypad
  • Integrated battery for data protection in case of a power failure; replaceable

Measurements and weight

Dimensions and weights

Wiring diagrams


  • Operating Instruction
  • 3D Drawing
  • EC Declaration
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