Touch Panel TP-MW-01/W/WM Art. no.: 10122139 Status: no longer available

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Product information

The Touchpanel is used in combination with the Mixed White Controller LGC-MW-01/L/plus to adjust the color temperature and brightness of lighting systems. The touch-sensitive surface with corresponding touch points contains a light-sensitive diode for programming the system via a smartphone. Two DIP switch rows and one 4-pole connection terminal for power supply and data connection are located on the rear of the Touchpanel. The Touchpanel is supplied with a standard set of parameters. These can be viewed in the smartphone app and adapted to your individual requirements.

Technical data


Ambient temperature ta -20 ... 45 °C

Degree of protection

ECG case IP 20
Length (X): 160 mm
Width (Y): 90 mm
Height (Z): 23 mm
Net Weight: 0.12 kg


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