Art. no.: 10178701
Dimensions: 180 x 86 x 33 [mm]

Sample image

Technical data

Performance characteristics

  • Programming tool for parameter setting and monitoring of ZITARES DALI ECG and ZITARES ECG with P-COM interface
  • To be used together with EXELIQO software
  • USB port (2.0; type B) for standard PC connection
  • ECG programming without mains voltage by use of P-COM
  • Optional auxiliary DC power input for increase of DALI bus supply current
  • Status indication (data transmit, data receive, power) by coloured LED
  • Compact housing with terminal cover and strain reliefs

Measurements and weight

Dimensions and weights
Net Weight: 0.151 kg
Length (X): 180 mm
Width (Y): 86 mm
Height (Z): 33 mm
Hole spacing (Xm): 191 mm

Wiring diagrams


  • Datasheet
  • 3D Drawing
  • High Resolution product picture



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