ZITARES ICD ICD290-30QS-01/220-240/DA/DT8 Art. no.: 10166593 Status: serie

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Product information

  • Intelligent and dimmable 2-channel ECG for constant current operation of LED modules
  • DALI DT8 version for easy CCT control in HCL application
  • SELV output voltage ≤ 60 VDC for simplified luminaire construction
  • Advanced range of functions through individual adjustable feature via software EXELIQO
    • precisely adjustable output currents for each channel in a wide range
    • luminous flux during operating time by compensation of the LED degradation (CLO)
    • maximum life time by control of the output current in dependency of the ECG temperature
    • DC detection: via software adjustable light level for DC operation
    • monitoring and real-time display of operating and performance data
    • simultaneous programming of up to 64 ECG
    • programmable characteristic for the Detect & React interface
  • Detect & React interface: analogue interface for connecting resistors, e.g. for current setting or temperature monitoring
  • Very high energy efficiency of up to 90 % at maximum load
  • Lowest ripple of output current in high- and low-frequency ranges for flicker- and glimmer-free light
  • Suitable for direct current operation and application in combination with central battery installations
  • Flicker-free and noise-free dimming in the range 1 ... 100 % luminous flux
  • ECG extensively protected against abnormal operating conditions at the output e.g. short-circuit, open circuit or overload
  • Certified as thermally protected ECG
  • Conformance with international regulations, regarding safety and operation, electromagnetic compatibility and immunity to interference
  • Nominal service lifetime with a failure rate ≤ 10 %:
    50,000 h at tc = tc,max

Technical data

Mains voltage supply

Rated voltage range 220 ... 240 [V]
Rated frequency 0 / 50 ... 60 [Hz]

Battery operation

Max. admissible voltage range (continuous) 198 ... 278 [VDC]

Behaviour at mains overvoltage

Overvoltage protection 350 VAC (2 h)

Starting time

Starting time 0.5 s

Output data

Number of channels 2
Max. total admissible power 30 W

Dimming Operation

Dimming interfaces DALI, Push-Dim
Dimming range (text) 1 ... 100%
Standby power max. 0.5 W

Degree of protection

ECG case IP 20
ECG efficiency 87 %
Dimensions and weights
Length (X): 135 mm
Width (Y): 75 mm
Height (Z): 21 mm
Net Weight: 0.27 kg


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  • EC Declaration
  • ENEC Certificate
  • CB Test Certificate
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