Art. no.: 10175748
Dimensions: 131 x 32 x 23 [mm]

Sample image
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  • DALI_LOGO.png

Technical data


Max. admissible case temperature tc,max 70 °C

Performance characteristics

  • DALI extender for increasing the number of connectable ECGs in a MixedWhite plus application.
  • Connection to MixedWhite plus controller via preassembled cable with RJ10 jacks at both ends.
  • 2 DALI interfaces for broadcast, addressing mode or DT8-mode, max. 16 ECG / channel
  • Up to 3 DALI extenders can be used together with a MixedWhite plus controller.
  • Special function "automatic addressing": addressing is performed automatically in combination with ECG versions of the ZITARES ICD290 with separately controllable output channels and 2 DALI addresses.

Measurements and weight

Dimensions and weights
Net Weight: 0.089 kg
Length (X): 131 mm
Width (Y): 32 mm
Height (Z): 23 mm
Hole spacing (Xm): 120 mm

Wiring diagrams


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