Controller LGC-MW-01/L/plus Art. no.: 10122137 Status: serie

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Product information

  • Controller for automatic and manual control of luminaires for white/white applications
  • 2 DALI interfaces for connecting DALI dimmable ECG
    • Broadcast mode:
      Operation of 2 DALI groups with separated control lines and without addressing of the ECG
    • Addressing mode:
      Operation of 2 DALI groups via the same interface with joint control line and addressing of the ECG
  • Manual control of lighting system via Touchpanel and commercial push-button
  • Automatic control of colour temperature via realtime clock in combination with Touchpanel or Clock module
  • Optional connection of sensors for additional energy saving via daylight-dependent regulation and presence detection
  • Integrated relay for switching the mains voltage supply of the connected ECG and for reducing the stand-by power loss
  • Straight-forward connection of system components via RJ10 plug
  • Connection of up to 3 Touchpanels for parallel operation
  • Special function of automatic addressing:
    In combination with the ECG versions of the ZITARES ICD290, with 2 separately controllable output channels and 2 DALI addresses, the addressing is performed automatically by the controller

Technical data


Ambient temperature ta -20 ... 60 °C
Max. admissible case temperature tc,max 70 °C

Degree of protection

ECG case IP 20
Dimensions and weights
Length (X): 130 mm
Width (Y): 30 mm
Height (Z): 21 mm
Net Weight: 0.09 kg


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