BAG electronics and CASAMBI – partners for intelligent lighting systems

Connectivity, data exchange and digitalisation will shape the buildings of tomorrow. Lighting systems will play a decisive role in this, and they already provide an essential prerequisite today: since light points are already installed in every room, it is also possible to upgrade them to intelligent and independent network points and use them for a wide variety of applications.

Relevant data can already be collected, processed and analysed today via complete, perfectly interlocking hardware and software systems. Future solutions will enable added value such as measuring the energy consumption of luminaire groups and predictive maintenance. The electronics therefore not only controls but also serves as a data source for relevant parameters such as ECG temperature, efficiency, consumption and operating times. BAG electronics as a specialist for lighting electronics and CASAMBI as one of the best-known and leading suppliers for smart lighting control work closely together in this sector.

Partners for smart lighting concepts

The solutions from Casambi and BAG electronics together create essential prerequisites for future-fit lighting solutions. Casambi provides the perfect, simple solution for fast commissioning and intuitive control of even large lighting systems, whilst BAG electronics supplies qualitative, Bluetooth-compliant electronic control gear units which can also provide a multitude of intelligent data. These include for example temperature, power consumption, output current, efficiency and operating hours. Another new feature is data visualisation on an own hardware platform: the BAG Data Box with the dashboard of the EXELIQO vision software for data visualisation and adaptation of the visualised data makes it even easier to identify possible optimisation potential today and thus immediately save costs.

Electronic control gear units create added value for the user

Among the technological pioneers for such applications are the future-oriented LED electronic control gear units of the ZITARES wiz series from BAG which combine system openness, flexibility and intelligent supplementary functions. The electronic control gear units are accompanied by matched system components. These include the Bluetooth module based on reliable technology from CASAMBI and a daylight- and presence sensor for direct connection to the electronic control gear unit.
With their digital Z-COM interface the intelligent electronic control gear units offer a decisive advantage. The open protocol provides all flexibility to connect communication modules and sensors tailored to individual requirements, for example for presence detection and daylight-dependent lighting control of luminaires. The complete BLE (Bluetooth low energy) solution from CASAMBI in combination with the electronic control gear units creates ideal conditions for wireless lighting control. Every smartphone and tablet is transformed into a control centre using Bluetooth and the tried and tested app. With a wide range of functions, CASAMBI is the perfect choice for local applications – easy to implement, intuitive to use and exceedingly reliable. The high speed of bidirectional communication between the ECG and connected components also provides significantly greater lighting comfort.

From wireless lighting control to predictive maintenance

Four focus applications can already be mapped in this way – individually or combined:
  • Wireless Control: by connecting a communication module (e.g. Bluetooth to the Z-COM interface) it is possible to control the light without additional control lines. This considerably reduces the installation effort and already enables radio-based lighting control with simultaneous energy consumption measurement.
  • Light Management: the open interface enables the integration of sensors, e.g. for presence detection and the daylight-dependent light control of luminaires.
  • Parameter Programming: parameters and functions are flexibly adaptable and modifiable both during luminaire production and subsequently, for example to modify the LED operating current or to ensure constant lumen output (CLO) for uniformly high quality of light across the complete operating life.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance: the possibility of collecting operating data from the individual ECGs opens up completely new approaches for predictive maintenance and energy consumption measurement.

With the evaluation and visualisation of the collected data, the next step already follows: Time analysis is possible in the graphical dashboard for any intervals (1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year etc.). Exporting CSV files for further analysis is just as easy. The complete system also scores with its open architecture, so that users can efficiently and flexibly implement future-safe solutions such as networked systems or data exchange.

New concepts for the light of tomorrow

Together with data collection and processing the lighting control of the future will create completely new lighting concepts, ranging from more efficient, sensor-supported and presence / daylight-dependent light distribution in e.g. office buildings to predictive maintenance and the optimisation of maintenance costs. The digitised future of light has only just begun.



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