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Flexible and powerful – ZITARES intelligent LED-ECG ICD1200 Do you need a DALI-dimmable SELV control gear unit for higher power ranges of up to 70 W? Then the new ICD1200-70FR-20 control gear unit from the ZITARES intelligent product family is the perfect choice. With a wide operation current range from 950 to 2000 mA and a maximum of 70 W the ECG can be used in highly diverse applications – space-savings in luminaire designs thanks to slim dimensions of 360 x 30 x 21 mm. Annoying light flickering is a thing of the past, since the ICD1200 works with pure amplitude dimming in the complete range of 1 … 100 % and is therefore also a perfect fit for camera-compliant illumination. Gaining even more performance The electronic control gear unit is even more individual in combination with the zitares360 software. Open up your world to many intelligent functions: the ICD1200 is capable of detecting various operating conditions and modifying output current to ensure that the reliability and performance of the system are optimised across the complete operating hours. You want to know more? Then contact us. In addition to our high-level technical standards, we want to ensure that our customers ultimately achieve success with our products. Get in touch



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