Human Centric Lighting

BAG electronics with a comprehensive and mature range of Human Centric Lighting solutions.

Human Centric Lighting is seen to be one of the most attractive fields for lighting applications in the future. Healthy light that promotes the natural biological rhythm of people will soon be an integral part of many sectors from office to industry in just a few years in the opinion of many experts. The future has already begun though, because BAG electronics already provides luminaire manufacturers with mature, reliable solutions for Human Centric Lighting concepts. At the previous Light+Building BAG electronics was one of the absolute pioneers in this sector. Two years later and the portfolio has been continuously developed - as the only provider the company offers an extensive and reliable LIGHTGATE MixedWhite system package for circadian lighting. MixedWhite systems designed by BAG enable a cost-efficient and technologically pioneering start to this future sector. The complete system of LED modules, ECG, control components, operating devices and software is also continuously expanding. At Light+Building 2016, BAG will be displaying the smart solution for wireless NFC-based programming, a DALI extender for larger lighting installations as well as a presence detector for expanding detection ranges. Nearfield communication, NFC for short, enables the especially simple programming of system parameters for Android users, as used in touch panels and clock modules. With the DALI extender BAG offers a solid portfolio expansion enabling up to 32 additional ECGs to be triggered over the integrated DALI interfaces, and each further DALI extender offers flexible scalability of HCL lighting systems. Availability for the new components is planned for the second quarter of 2016. Here you can find an overview of our entire HCL portfolio



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