Full focus on the LED business

Where LED modules, electronic control gear units, electronic components and luminaires with increased protection rating are concerned, BAG electronics is among the technology leaders and most important partners of the global light industry. In the future, the company will focus even more clearly on the future LED market. As a part of this strategy, the company will transfer the product range of ignitors, power switches and hot ignitors to Polish company Magnetic Systems Technology as of January 2017.

“We are committed to providing comprehensive LED application support to our BAG partners, from electronic control gear units to smart software, from LED modules and weatherproof luminaires to sophisticated system solutions, for example for “Human Centric Lighting”, stated Managing Director Dirk Politowski. The ignitor portfolio for special lighting applications is thus no longer the main focus. “With Magnetic Systems Technology we have found a partner who will maintain the product department which has been established for many years and ensure seamless support and supply for all customers”, Dirk Politowski continued. Customers and business partners have already been informed.

1. Under what label will the devices be supplied in the future? The devices will feature the BAG label as long as there is stock direct from the warehouse. In the future, MST will have the possibility for producing own product versions.

2.In the future, will MST continue to supply the BAG hot igniters that have been supplied up until now, or will they market their own versions of the product? Up until the current warehouse stocks are used up, MST will continue to supply the BAG hot igniters. In the future, MST has the possibility to produce its own product versions – whether this will be the case/what versions this will be are questions which MST will decide upon.

3. Will the certificates for the current BAG hot igniter continue to be valid? Yes, the certificates will remain valid, as long as the products are available from stock. MST will then decide which approvals will continue to exist.

4. In the future, will customers be able to rely on the individual service and support of BAG or MST? BAG is the qualified and certified supplier for all BAG customers. In MST, we welcome a trustworthy business associate which will uphold the high standards in customer service. The company also wants to support you by offering a wide portfolio of light components.

5. How long does MST have the right to produce under the BAG name? Supplying under the BAG label is possible, as long as there is warehouse stock of existing products. After this, MST can produce under its own label. Which products these will be is something that MST will decide upon.

6. Can MST allow the stock of products to be run down at its own discretion, or is there an agreement concerning this? From now on, the decision concerning the future portfolio of products will rest solely with MST. Customers should therefore discuss their needs directly with MST.

7. Will the igniters under the MST label be comparable 1: 1 with BAG products or will there be technical changes? This is not clear for each product. However as a general rule, MST will adopt existing technologies and products. It can also develop its own systems.

8. How long in the future will MST continue the portfolio of products? This is a decision for MST.

9. In the future, will BAG ensure that orders are carried out on time? All existing orders will be handled via MST from January 2017; BAG will no longer be involved.

10. Will the delivery times remain unchanged? You can enquire about delivery times by contacting MST.

11. Will ITEM numbers and product descriptions stay the same? For the remaining stock of BAG products (available from stock), this information will remain unchanged. For products under the MST label, this is something MST will decide upon.

12. In the future, how long will the product warranty last for? The warranty for all products with the BAG label will stay the same for five years.

13. Where can data sheets and technical information about the products be found? You can find information about the current BAG portfolio on the BAG electronics website. In the future, information concerning the MST portfolio of products can be found on the MST website.

14. Who is the point of contact for complaints or the delivery of spare parts? The following procedure applies to complaints: If products have been bought from BAG, our company will continue to be responsible for complaints and customer service (proof of purchase or a bill must be shown). In all other cases, MST will be responsible. If you need spare parts (unrelated to complaints) this will be treated as a new order, for which MST is responsible.



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